proHibex® Chews For Dogs

Soft, tasty chews for dogs

To aid in the management of minor diarrhoea and episodes of dysbiosis.

Prohibex has the convenience of a triple approach to help restore normal gut function in one easy to give palatable soft chew for dogs.

  • Improves faecal consistency and binds unwanted substances
  • Enhances the endogenous microbiome
  • Improves GI cell health and integrity

Available in S-M (<25kgs) dog and L dog. (>25kgs). Ask for proHibex at your local vet clinic (does not require a prescription).

Fequently Asked Questions

How does proHibex help my pet?

Fast acting stool binding & bulking

  • Montmorillonite clay and Chia seed absorb liquid in the small and large intestine to bulk faeces 11,12.

Toxin binding

  • Montmorillonite clay & Active charcoal powder coconut absorb small sized molecules, such as toxins and impurities in the gut 13,14.

Natural microbiome support from bioavailable dietary fibre

  • Probiotic Bacillus velezensis C-3102 1,2,3,4.
  • Inulin is a prebiotic non-digestible oligosaccharide stimulating gastrointestinal mucus formation 6.
  • Beta glucan is a water-soluble fibre fermentable for intestinal microbes 6.
  • Sweet Potato & Rice bran contain naturally bioavailable dietary fibre, resistant starch, FOS, and beta glucan that are good nutrient sources for the microbiota 6.

Cell health, antioxidants

  • B. velezensis C-3102 metabolites, such as SCFA support gut microbiome 1,2,3,4.
  • Vitamin D3 & Calcium are associated with cell wall integrity 16.
  • Trace elements: Magnesium supports membrane integrity 17 & Potassium helps maintain normal levels of fluid inside the cell preventing dehydration 18.
  • Natural Vitamin E & Chia are antioxidants protecting the cell lipid layers 12.
  • Chia seed benefits mucus layer attached to GIT cell wall cells for bacteria to adhere.


  • Pea protein


proHibex S-M Chews (<25kg dogs)

<15kg dog: 1 chew, once daily for 3 days
15-25kg dog: 1 chew, twice daily for 3 days

proHibex L Chews (>25kg dogs)

>25kg dog: 1 chew, twice daily for 3 days


Read label instructions carefully prior to use.


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