Plaqtiv+® Dental Range

NEW! An effective and proven dental range, available now from your Vet.

Range includes:

  • Oral Spray for Dogs
  • Water Additive for Dogs and Cats
  • Toothpaste for Dogs and Cats
  • Dental Wipes for Dogs and Cats

Fequently Asked Questions

Why is home dental care so important?

Periodontal disease affects the vast majority of dogs and cats over 3 years old (7).

Did you know that the most common dental problems for pets are different from those seen in humans? (1-2)

It’s true – while the main problem for humans is tooth decay, dogs and cats are most likely to suffer from periodontal disease (1-3).

In fact, periodontal disease is so common that it affects the vast majority of dogs and cats over 3 years old (4).

Periodontal disease happens when the tissues that surround teeth become infected and inflamed. It starts with the gums (gingivitis), but left untreated, the infection often spreads deeper into the tooth socket and destroys the bone. The tooth then becomes loose and may fall out over time (1).

Periodontal disease happens when the tissuesbad breath. Left untreated, it can cause chronic pain and severe discomfort for your pet (5). And pets don’t always show signs that they’re in pain – so even if yours is eating normally, they could be suffering without you realising.

It's not too late to start dental care!
Regardless of your pet’s age or history, it’s never too late to start a dental care routine. Speak to your vet for advice, as they can help you establish an individual routine that’s tailor made for your pet.

Introducing the Plaqtiv+® Range:

Recommended by and exclusively available from vets, Plaqtiv+ is a new oral care range designed to simplify dental care in cats and dogs.

Plaqtiv Water Additive

Water Additive

The easiest product to use – simply add 2 capfuls to 600 ml of your pet’s drinking water. It can quickly and easily becomes a daily habit so makes taking care of your pet's teeth easy!
Plaqtiv+ Oral Spray

Oral Spray

Easy to use – just lift your pet’s upper lip to expose their teeth and gums, and spray twice on each side of the mouth There's no pressure on the gums, making it a good first step into a puppy’s dental care routine. It also fits into a handbag for easy use on the go!
Plaqtiv Wipes_alpha_d3

Dental Wipes

Provides the mechanical action of a toothpaste, without the frustration of using a toothbrush. Simply wrap the wipe around your fingers and rub gently across your pet’s teeth and gums. They help to get pets used to contact with their teeth and gums, making it a good stepping stone to toothbrushing.
Plaqtiv Toothpaste


The gold standard of dental care. Available in malt, a taste that your pet will love. A more dedicated but very effective way to maintain your pet’s oral health.

What product should I use and when?

Young puppies and kittens
This is the perfect time to start a dental care routine! Start with spray, then wipes, then toothpaste. If you don’t manage to progress all the way to toothbrushing, the water additive is a great add-on.

Prefer not to brush every day
If you find toothbrushing tricky, you don’t have to do it every day. On days you don’t brush, use the water additive for extra effectiveness without extra effort.

Currently using dental food/chews
Dental food/chews are good at targeting the back teeth, but tend to miss the front teeth. Spray or wipes are handy options for use on the front teeth, ensuring your pet’s whole mouth is covered.

Upcoming or recent dental surgery
The water additive can be used at least 1 month before the procedure, as well as after the procedure when brushing isn’t possible.


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