Comfort™ Pheromone Range

Available now from your favourite vet clinic or pet store.

Pheromone Range includes:

  • Calming Collar for Dogs
  • Calming Collar for Puppies
  • Calming Spot-On for Dogs
  • Calming Spot-On for Cats
  • Calming Spray for Dogs
  • Calming Spray for Cats
  • Calming Spray for Rabbit

Using pheromones recognised by your pet, helps them feel at home and at ease, perfect for animals experiencing these situations:

Whether your pet needs support for general feelings of anxiety or a specific stressful situation, such as fireworks or travelling, there is a product in the Pheromone Calming Range to help.

We’ve put together the tables below suggesting the most suitable calming product for different situations. However, all the products could be used to provide reassurance, so feel free to pick the calming solution that best suits your pet.


Fequently Asked Questions

What are Pheromones and how do they work?

Pheromones are naturally produced chemical substances that are instantly recognisable between animals of the same species. Specific pheromones trigger different, instinctive responses from the animal. So, cats can interpret cat pheromones, but won’t recognise or be affected by dog pheromones, and vice versa. This means if you have a cat and a dog that are both prone to nervousness or anxiety, you will need a Beaphar CatComfort® and a CaniComfort® product to help reassure both of your pets.

Across the range we use three different pheromones, all of which are proven to promote feelings of reassurance and safety; Dog Appeasing Pheromone, Cat Appeasing Pheromone, Feline Facial Pheromone and Rabbit Appeasing Pheromone.

These pheromones all promote an instinctive calming response, helping your pet to feel relaxed and at ease. By using a synthetic copy of these pheromones in our products, we can mimic this calming effect, helping reassure pets during stressful situations and thus reducing problem behaviour.

Signs of Stress

Signs of stress can vary greatly, but if your cat or dog is showing any of the following, they could be trying to tell you something is making them feel unsettled or anxious:

  • Urine spraying/marking
  • Vertical scratching
  • Continuous meowing/barking
  • Eating or drinking less
  • Restlessness
  • Hiding away
  • Problem/destructive behaviour
  • Fear and fighting

Not all problem behaviour in cats and dogs is caused by stress or a stressful situation. This means CatComfort® or CaniComfort® may not produce the desired calming effect in all circumstances. Such situations include:

  • Poor or inconsistent training, or a lack of mental stimulation, can lead to over-excitement, vocalisation, or destructive behaviour.
  • A lack of house training or an underlying medical condition may cause your pet to urinate indoors or in inappropriate places.
  • An underlying skin condition or irritation from external parasites may cause excessive licking and scratching.

It’s important to identify the cause of your cat or dog’s problem behaviour so you can find the best way forward. If you’re concerned about your pet’s health or think their behaviour is due to a medical reason, it is important to seek veterinary advice.

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